What We Do?

2012 Action Plans

1. Scientific Studies, information campaign

Set-up a Moringa library/ information database from government and private sources
Publish a Moringa primer/ fact sheet to arrest public misconceptions
Set-up a Moringa website/ virtual public entry point to MPFI services and moringa resources

2. Pilot project proposals submitted for funding

Moringa nursery, P100,000-200,000 per hectare funding for farmers
Plantation-to-processing package, P3M-5M funding for manufacturers
Moringa nationwide feeding program for public school children, in partnership with DepEd

3. Good Agricultural/ Mfg Practices (GAP/GMP)

Produce a GAP manual of procedures; organic
GAP training with partner institutions/ agencies
GMP training with partner institutions/ agencies

4. Internal/ organizational and institutional development

Set-up an administration office; publish an official brochure containing the MPFI list of services/ fees
Implement an intensive Membership campaign
Develop and conduct a continuing fund-raising activities (ways and means)

5. External/ public concerns

Establish standards for moringa products/ processes
Research and development, write position paper: “Moringa, as national vegetable”
Host yearly Moringa Congress, Nov. 15-16, 2012